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Meliora simplifies charity giving so you can donate with the confidence that your money will be well-used.

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Payments are handled by the secure platform Stripe. Meliora takes a commission to cover credit card fees and cover operational costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We value transparency and strive to be as open as possible with our users. If you have any other questions not listed before, feel free to reach out using the contact page.

Meliora is an adjective meaning “better” in Latin. It can also be used as a noun meaning "always better", "better things", or "for the pursuit of the better". That’s why we’re here - to always do better, in pursuit of the better for charities all over the world, for a better impact.

Because we fundamentally believe three things: 1) the giving-to-charity experience is outdated 2) donors want to understand where their money goes and what impact they’ve had every time they donate 3) more can and needs to be done to help support amazing organizations for impact all over the world We’re tackling all three.

We’re Cass & Max - friends & co-founders seeking to change the way people donate to charity, for the better. You can find out more about us here.

More and more, donors want to understand where their money goes and the difference it makes. We believe in breaking down the charities' activities to show in detail how much is needed to positively impact each beneficiary. Let's go beyond flat lists of charities without evaluations! Read our impact policy here.

We work with smaller, little-known organizations that do a great job at demonstrating their impact. Explore our process here.

Nope. We want to make it as easy as possible for donors to give in a few simple clicks. If you’d like to view your impact report, follow your favorite charities and receive their updates, please sign up here.

When you donate on Meliora, you contribute to support the charity’s operations. The impact (benefit for the beneficiary) is clear and measurable, based on their past achievements. You know what they have been able to realize previously with similar amounts. The charity gets the flexibility to determine priority spending areas to successfully fulfill their mission. In the words of Mackenzie Scott: « Because we believe that the teams with experience on the front line of challenges will know best how to put the money to good use, we encourage them to spend it however they choose ».

It depends on how the charity was onboarded on our platform. Most of our charities are connected with Stripe, which means they receive their donations according to their preferences (daily, weekly or monthly). Others that are not yet connected with Stripe take a few business working days to receive their donation.

For-profit. We believe that to support charities tackle some of the world’s biggest problems, we need to be financially sustainable ourselves. Changing the way people donate to charity for the better requires money. Operating as a for-profit grants access to the resources and funding required to have the biggest possible social impact. If you’re interested in this topic, we love Dan Pallotta’s take.

We add a 15% platform support fee of on top of each impact amount. Part of it goes to Stripe as a payment processing fee (0.25 € + 1.4% to 2.9%) and the rest covers Meliora operating costs. With this model, we can serve both donors and charities to ensure a seamless giving experience, with additional exciting features to do good in the pipeline as we grow.

We don’t share sensitive personal information with third parties. We don't store payment information as Stripe offers encryption to ensure it’s secure. Read our privacy policy here.

Meliora is a simplified joint-stock company (SAS) based in France. We use Stripe, Europe’s largest payment processing platform, to acquire and process donations. Stripe is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and has an ‘e-money license’. We are transparent about the fees we take to cover our operational expenses.

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